Hey there!

You might have seen the poster hanging around the school. If you’ve got any kind of question for me just send me either an e-mail, get me on skype or give me call and ask. Anything from a price estimate to what the weather will be like tomorrow; I’ll do my best to answer it as quickly as possible. My e-mail and phone number are on the contact page.



For my own card, which will be finished printing soon, I opted for a simple and timeless kind of design with plenty of white space.

franken fruit


Corporate identity for Franken Fruit, a fresh produce shop and agricultural experience in the Dutch city of Bergen op Zoom.



CD cover art created for the Tilburg Conservatory group Unexpected. Featuring a wide range of genres and moods, it really is a wonderful blend of music.

broederschap in beeld


Photography and layout for a book about the life in a Cappucin monk monastery nowadays. Collaboration with Charlotte De Pauw en Aniek de Milliano.